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Frequently Asked Questions

The Computer Show events are held on Saturday and Sunday (plus an occasional holiday). Our show hours are from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm both Saturday and Sunday.

Products and Exhibitors

What kind of products will I find at the show?
The MarketPro Computer Shows feature computer wholesalers and retailers selling the latest computer products, including primarily IBM-compatible computer hardware, software and accessories. Each exhibitor carries many different products; therefore, we are unable to promise specific products, brands, services or prices.

Can you tell me specifically what I will find at a show?
MarketPro Computer Shows is the promoter of the event. As promoter, we do not sell the merchandise at the show. Each exhibitor is an independent dealer offering a wide variety of computer technology products, including complete systems, components, software, cables, memory, printers, scanners, laptops and much more.

Will I find any MacIntosh products at the show?
Our shows primarily feature IBM-compatible merchandise. There are some companies that may sell MacIntosh software or memory that is MAC-compatible. Otherwise, it is almost exclusively a PC-compatible show.

MarketPro Computer Shows Policies

What is the return policy at the shows?

Each exhibitor has its own return policy. Please check your receipt for the exhibitor's return policy, or better yet, check with the exhibitor prior to your purchase. MarketPro Computer Shows has a policy that each exhibitor must make their return policy explicitly clear to shoppers at the point of purchase.

What if I cannot return to the show, or if the Exhibitor is not at the next show, in order to compete a refund or exchange?

If you cannot attend a show to make a return or you attend a one-day show and need to return an item, please contact the exhibitor directly to make arrangements for the refund or exchange.

What types of warranties are available for products I purchase?
Our shows feature different computer wholesalers, retailers and distributors selling primarily IBM-compatible computer hardware, software, accessories and services. Each exhibitor has its own set of policies and warranties; therefore, we are unable to give specific information. We suggest you come prepared with competitive pricing and warranty information from other outlets to get the best price, service and warranty possible. Be sure to discuss warranties and return policies with each exhibitor prior to making a purchase, and be sure to get written documentation of these policies along with a payment receipt for your purchases.

How to be a smart MarketPro Computer Shows shopper

1. Research, Research, Research. Check out the latest pricing/warranty/service information before you attend the show. This will allow you to negotiate the best price that you can on-site at the show. If you are adding to your current system, know exactly what you have at home or in the office -- print your configuration profile or make a list of your computer components, software, operating system, installed software and be clear what activities you are using or want to use your computer for. Bring this list along with you to the show. Use this list to check the compatibility by looking at the specifications required by your new product and comparing those with what you have on your system. This should help to ensure that the products you purchase are compatible with your current system.

2. Ask Questions. Make sure that you clearly understand everything that you would like to know about the products that you are purchasing. See number 1.

3. Don't forget your receipt. Be sure to get a receipt for every purchase along with the company's name, address and telephone number. And do not forget to get a copy of the return and warranty policy. Remember, you will see many companies in one day, so it pays to be careful with your records.

4. Use a credit card to make your purchases. Many credit cards come with features that protect consumers when they make large purchases.

5. Get all guarantees and warranties in writing. Be sure that you completely understand the company's warranty, exchange and return policies. Policies differ by company and some companies will negotiate these terms with you.

6. Review your package before leaving the show. Be sure that you receive all disks, parts and manuals with your purchase before you leave the show. Open the packaging while you are at the exhibitors booth to confirm you are getting exactly what you purchased.

7. If it seems to good to be true it probably is. Be a smart shopper - use common sense when evaluating competing deals.

8. Read the product specifications before you buy it. If you are uncertain about what you are purchasing then take some time to do more research prior to buying the product.

MarketPro Computer Shows does not permit the sale, offering for sale, advertising, display or transfer of unauthorized, unlicensed and/or counterfeit software, hardware or other computer products on the premises of its shows.